Don't get me wrong I love open fields but something about this downtown session had me in my feels. Lindsey and Jacob also attended the same high school Kyle and I did. We have actually had the honor to photograph quite a few classmates weddings, and it's so special to us.

Here is a snippet of their engagement story (it's super cute!):

Told by Lindsey -

While he was at book camp from May to October he would get 30 minute calls on sunday afternoons so every Sunday while he was gone I would drive up to visit his grandparents so we all could talk to him. I later found out that he would actually call his grandpa before he called me and talk to him for about a minute at a time to ask him to find a ring for me and bring it down to Georgia with them at family day graduation. His grandparents went and looked at rings and sent him the photos of options that he would look at while we were on the phone and decided which one he wanted. They got it and took it down to Georgia with them and handed it off to him right behind my back while I was getting Starbucks with my mom. Later that afternoon we were sitting in a park on base ( Fort Benning ) as he wasn’t allowed to go off post and while we were laying there I had made a sarcastic joke about how he would never ask me to marry him, and then he got up right then and pulled the ring out of his pocket and asked. His grandparents and my mom all were there and got to watch it happen! I was not expecting it to happen right then so I was very shocked!