Spencer and Diana met in the Aviation industry when Diana moved down to Texas. So when we were planning their engagement session Diana informed me they wanted to do one of the locations in an airplane hangar. I was absolutely stoked! These two radiate a one of a kind love, truly. Getting to see them interact and laugh with one another was so inspiring. We are so excited to have the opportunity to document their wedding in 2022. Cheers to Diana and Spencer. I'm in love with how their engagement session turned out.

Here is a little snippet of their proposal story:

The idea started simply enough. In our time together Diana and I had never been to the movies. We knew in the first few months of being together that marriage was where we were headed and Diana had made one thing clear about the proposal, "She wanted it to be a surprise". So knowing these two things I had the perfect plan propose at the movies on what would be our first movie date. To this time we'd always started out with planning on going to the movies but then we'd always end up getting something on Netflix or Amazon prime.

With our schedules and jobs the time we had off we mostly spent being home bodies. After enlisting Diana’s cousin, Adrienne as a coconspirator helping with designing the perfect ring and also the arrangements and everything for the big day I started calling around local theatre's to see who would allow private showings and also have a support staff capable of ensuring the day went smoothly. It didn't take long for me to find the Katy Mills AMC theatre. Which could not have been more perfect of an unassuming location.

A regular theatre inside of a mall but with the best team of employees. During my off time I created the PowerPoint ,compiled with pictures of our high light real to that point, and with it what has become our song, “How Does It Feel?” playing in the background. I'd gone to the theatre a week before to meet with the staff , observe the projection room then I was given a walkie talkie and went down to the floor rehearsed cues, went over lighting preferences, the timing of the movie previews, and when the switch over happened from the projector showing the previews to the one with the proposal slide show everything was perfect. The invites had already been sent.

Some of our closest friends were to be in attendance on the top row including my best man and best friend who drove from Dallas to Houston just to make the occasion. The big day came the ring was in Diana’s cousins possession, I'd taken Diana to her nails done and by my luck she had decided today was the day to get the most intricate, detailed nail design ever attempted. I'd panic texted Adrienne updates with my ETA trying to time our new arrival with the credits. So that we'd walk in with them starting and the lights off so that Diana wouldn't notice any familiar faces. As an added touch I had told her I'd gotten the tickets on a Groupon "Date night deal" which included a free bucket of popcorn and a bottle of champagne which were sitting in our assigned seat.

The game plan had been to have 2 expensive bottles of champagne to share amongst the small group of us and then 1 bottle to pop.....My best man, Max, unfortunately had given us the the expensive bottle, so as the previews continued Diana kept trying to open it saying she was thirsty and I had to continually tell her to hold on until at least when the movie had started. Givin my job as a pilot and the fact we met while we were both in aviation I naturally had the last trailer be the one for Top Gun 2. The ending of the trailer was also the cue for friends to start recording as the slide show began and as it ended on the last slide my best man and Diana’s maid of honor, Adrienne came around the corner to camera in hand.