When to book a wedding photographer 

So you’re engaged? Now what?! It seems like after the excitement of calling your best friends, surprising your parents with the news, and posting to IG, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Where to start? There’s no doubt one of the biggest things you’ll want to book are your venue and your photographer. 

After reading this post, you’ll know when the best “time” is to book a wedding photographer. You might be thinking: “We have plenty of time to book ''. However, it’s best to book a photographer as soon as possible. I’ve been booking 9-12 months out lately. 

So when would I recommend booking? As soon as you can! I do recommend having a venue and set date before inquiring with photographers. So as soon as you have a date set, and a venue booked it’s best to start shopping around for photographers. Already have a photographer you know you want to work with

? It doesn't hurt to go ahead and tell them you want to book with them and see if they can work with the dates you have in mind. If you’re really interested in working with a photographer you can see what dates they might have available and work with the dates they have.

You might be thinking, I have plenty of time! Wedding vendors, photographers especially, tend to book weddings 9-18 months out. Especially with COVID, I’ve had lots of clients tell me they had a hard time booking venues. Recently I’ve been booking weddings 9-12 months out.

So, now you know the importance of booking a venue, setting a date, and booking your photographer. Now it’s time to look for a photographer! Have no idea where to start? Start by asking for recommendations from people you trust. Search Instagram, and find a photographer who offers the style you are looking for. Once you’ve discovered photographers who fit the style you desire, scroll through their Instagram or Facebook to see if THEY, as a person(s) resonate with you. You want a photographer who values the same things as you and can offer you the experience you desire. 

Things to keep in mind when booking a photographer:

  1. The time of year you are getting married. Keep in mind the time of year you’re getting married and what time the ceremony will be. This greatly affects the lighting of the day, as well as planning out the day itself. If you’re having an early spring wedding the sun goes down later, if you’re having a late fall wedding the sun sets earlier. 

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask potential photographers for different lighting situations. As photographers, we sometimes forget our clients might not understand lighting. Our galleries for different weddings will vary due to the lighting throughout the day. Some venues offer more indoor lighting while others don't. Keep this in mind!

  1. Lastly, simply meeting with a potential photographer will help you decide which direction you’d like to go. Trust me, it can be overwhelming with the number of photographers around but I believe there is a photographer for everyone. Follow your instincts and book with someone you trust, value, and resonate with.

So now that you have a better idea of when to book a photographer and the importance of booking one soon, I invite you to download our free wedding planning guide, below. We’ve provided a simplified workbook to ANY engaged couple. Inside the workbook, you will find how to prioritize what is most important for you and where to start planning.

Congratulations on your engagement and cheers!